Just Right: Available now on the Apple store.

Tom, age eleven and his sister, Julie, age nine are spending the summer with their grandfather on the shores of Cape Cod. When he himself was a child, Grandpa bonded deeply with his native land and waters, and is fascinated by the concept of Earth as a living organism. He proposes that the three of them spend the summer finding out—through direct outdoor experience and the vast resources of the Web—what makes our planet “just right” as a home for living things. That is, when they’re not boogie boarding the waves, going sailing, or digging clams for dinner!

Weaving video, still photos, infographics, and maps into this narrative, Just Right gives nine-to-twelve-year-olds a basic understanding of how Earth’s vital organs—atmosphere, oceans, and land—interact to support life and stabilize the climate, as seen from the perspective of children their own age. Around the globe, awareness is rising that all life is at risk from human-caused climate disruption—and the world citizens who will finally mobilize to address it are today’s children. This e-book, with its engaging story line, is a powerful tool designed to help educate and equip them for the challenge, and a superb complement to middle-level earth science curriculum.

Just Right: Online edition now available! 

Author Mon Cochran has teamed with Narrow Land to produce a new, online addition of Just Right: Climate Science for Young Readers. In order to offer greater accessibility to the book than previously available, the Just Right experience is now available on all web browsers, tablets, and mobile devices.

Cape COd Climate Kids: Caring for our warming Climate

In the summer of 2016 Pleasant Bay Community Boating partnered with scientists from The Center for Coastal Studies, The Wellfleet Bay Bird Sanctuary, The Manoment Center for Conservation Sciences, the national Global Warming Express Program and Mon Cochran, author of the ebook Just Right: Climate Science for Young Readers to provide a two-week climate science, arts, and action adventure for 8-12 year old youth. The two-week program involved daily outdoor field trips on Pleasant Bay and on the Atlantic Ocean, climate-related indoor activities, an introduction to the climate sciences (marine, atmospheric, earth and planetary science, and chemistry), a taste of the arts (performing, visual arts, writing, music), and advocacy skills-building. The Cape Cod Climate Kids video provides a nice summary of the 2016 program.

This program will be offered again during the summer of 2018. For more information contact Mon Cochran at mmc6@cornell.edu.

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