The Just Right Team

Just Right: Climate Science for Young Readers has been developed by a production team made up of Mon Cochran (writer and producer), Diana Landau (editorial director), and Matt Clark (design, art direction and digital production). 

Mon Cochran is a writer living on CapeCod.  He is a professor emeritus at Cornell University, where for 35 years he taught and conducted applied research in the College of Human Ecology.  One of his specialty areas while at Cornell was early education.   Since retirement in 2008 Mon has shifted his focus from applied child development per se to ways of helping children understand why the earth’s climate is changing and what they can do to manage those changes. 

Dr. Cochran is investing his energies in educating children about climate and climate changes because he believes that young people coming of age during the next several decades must be able to understand why the climate is warming and what they can do about it.   Expert scientists and commentators from Al Gore and Lester Brown to Tim Flannery, Amory Lovins and Thomas Friedman have warned us that unless countries world-wide marshal resources to produce alternative sources of energy on a scale not seen since the mobilization during World War II, global warming will take place at levels catastrophic to human societies.  The political will required to shift resources from fossil fuel-based energy production to solar, wind, and hydropower depends in large part on educating a generation of young people to understand the urgency of undertaking such a mobilization.  Just Right: Climate Science for Young Readers is the first in a series of e-books developed to provide that knowledge in a format designed specifically for school-aged children and youth.

Diana Landau is a writer, editor, and author with deep and diverse experience in book publishing, editorial direction, developmental editing, marketing communications, and print/web project management.  Before establishing Parlandau Communication on Cape Cod she was a Senior Editor with the Sierra Club.  Matt Clark is the owner of Narrow Land Web Development and Creative Services, which specializes in website design and the production of enhanced e-books.  He is also the Director of the Provincetown Public Library.

The Center for Coastal Studies

Mon Cochran is affiliated with the Center for Coastal Studies in Provincetown, MA as an Adjunct Scientist.  The Center, directed by Richard Delaney, conducts scientific research with an emphasis on marine mammals of the western North Atlantic and on the coastal and marine habitatsand resources of the Gulf of Maine.  In addition to research the Center promotes stewardship of coastal and marine ecosystems, and provides educational resources and activities to that end.  The enhanced e-books being developed by Mon and his team contribute to the educational mission of the Center.  More information about the Center for Coastal Studies can be found at